Marine Plywood 18MM - X PLYWOOD


Marine Plywood 18MM – X PLYWOOD


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Al Khashab Provides Marine Plywood that is a highly durable structured board specially designed and manufactured from veneer bonded pieces. It is the industry leading board made entirely from durable hardwood species, very dimensionally stable and hard wearing.

Marine Plywood?s are heavily used in the marine and boat industries due to their high moisture resistant core. The adhesive used in all glue lines is a phenolic resin with excellent resistance to moisture and is manufactured in accordance with BS 1088.

Plywood has a wide range of uses within the construction industry. Some of the most common uses of Marine Plywood as a Building Material are:

Film faced plywood that is mainly used in construction projects for civil work which includes form work, slab work and any other application viz. racking, shelving etc.
To make formwork, or a mould for wet concrete.
As part of flooring system.
To make shutters for concreting.
This Plywood can be used One time Only.


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