White Wood Romania Universal


White Wood Romania Universal



Al Khashab Building Materials Supplies “White wood? may be pine, spruce, fir, hemlock, or another similar species and it is widely used in the Construction Site all over the world. Al Khashab provide the best quality white wood from Romania with -0mm?.+3mm tolerance.

White Wood is a normally used building material in several industries due to its many beneficial practices. These soft woods are cost-effective and are factory products wood with various sizes. Softwood is typically less expensive likened to hardwood. About 80% of all timber comes from softwood. Softwoods have a wide range of applications and are found in building components.


Whitewood is commonly used for making daily based objects such as doors, simple furniture, cabinetry, in some cases flooring.
Supports for partition walls
Supports for shuttering or formwork for concrete casting

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1" X 2" X 4 Meter, 1" X 4" X 4 Meter, 2" X 2" X 4 Meter, 2" X 3" X 4 Meter, 2" x 4" X 4 Meter, 3" X 3" X 4 Meter, 4" X 4" X 4 Meter, 2" X 10" X 4 Meter, 2" X 12" X 4 Meter


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