UAE Postpones Implementation of Heavy Vehicle Weight Limit Rule


Shafi Kakvi


Feb 21, 2024



In a recent development, the UAE Cabinet has decided to postpone the implementation of the resolution regulating the weights and dimensions of heavy vehicles in the country. The resolution, which aimed to cap the maximum total weight of heavy vehicles at 65 tonnes, was set to take effect in the first quarter of 2024. This decision comes as the government directs the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure to conduct a comprehensive study on the matter, emphasizing the importance of balancing road safety and economic considerations.


The journey towards implementing the weight limit rule began in September 2023 when the Cabinet approved a federal law to regulate the weights and dimensions of heavy vehicles. Cabinet Resolution No. 138 of 2023, issued to implement Federal Decree No. 12 of 2023, included provisions to prohibit heavy vehicles with a total weight exceeding 65 tonnes from using the roads. The initial plan was to enforce the resolution after installing 24 smart electronic gates in coordination with relevant authorities.

"The UAE Cabinet has directed the postponement of heavy vehicle regulation, emphasizing a need for comprehensive study on the decision."

Road Safety and Infrastructure Enhancement:

The resolution was part of the UAE’s ongoing commitment to enhance road safety, reduce traffic accidents, and support the infrastructure and transport sectors. By regulating the weight of heavy vehicles, the government aimed to increase the road service life and decrease the carbon footprint of land transport. It’s worth noting that vehicles owned by security, military, police, and civil defense authorities were exempt from the resolution.

Postponement and Future Actions:

In the recent announcement, the Cabinet did not specify when the implementation of the resolution would commence. The decision to postpone reflects a strategic move, allowing the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure to conduct a thorough study. Simultaneously, the Ministry of Economy has been directed to collaborate with economic entities to prevent any unjustified increase in the prices of goods and commodities.

Resolution Guidelines and Penalties:

According to the resolution, heavy vehicles were categorized based on the number of axles, each with a specified maximum permissible gross weight. The resolution outlined fines for violations, with penalties increasing proportionally to the degree of exceeding the weight limit. Notably, fines were capped at a maximum of Dh15,000 for severe violations.


The postponement of the heavy vehicle weight limit rule in the UAE signifies a nuanced approach by the government, considering the economic implications alongside safety measures. As stakeholders await the results of the comprehensive study, it remains crucial for businesses and transport operators to stay informed about potential changes in regulations that will impact the transportation landscape in the UAE.

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